Friday, April 24, 2009

feeling better?

Well, week 12 is just about over. That should mean the end of my 'morning sickness.' First of all, I have not been blessed with morning sickness, I have been blessed with 'all day sickness.' I have been told that means my hormone levels are wonderfully high and that the babies are anchored in tight. That is fine, of course, I am elated. I am also vomiting on a regular basis.

I have become a Zofran junkie. This is an anti-nausea medication that has been approved by the FDA for use in morning sickness. Now, while the FDA, my midwife and I think that this is a wonderful thing, my insurance company thinks otherwise. They want to keep me from becoming completely addicted and have limited my supply (for those of you wondering, no Zofran is not addicting this is just my eloquent use of sarcasm). For a week's supply, it is close to $100. No small potatoes, especially when you are taking it for several weeks at a time.

Now, I could get on my soap box and talk about stupidity of this. I could. Especially when the insurance company will freely give me drugs that are more harmful to the babies, which in the end could cost them hundreds of thousands of dollars instead of just hundreds of dollars... but I will refrain. I could talk about the conspiracy of the pharmaceutical companies and their manipulation of health care costs. But no, I can leave that for another time.

However, I am hoping that my 'all day sickness' is coming to an end in the next few weeks. It is eating into the kids' college fund. So today, it being the 'beginning of the end' I thought I would give it a try. No Zofran.

I made it an hour without taking the Zofran. And another 20 minutes before throwing up. The most frustrating thing is that that very expensive pill, ended up in the toilet.

Now you have heard my story- and yes I feel better.

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