Thursday, April 2, 2009

The journey begins

Is it an April fool's? Could twins really be in our future?
"Do twins run in your family?" the technician asks....

The ultrasound confirms it. Four little arm buds, four little leg buds, two little heads and two wonderful little beating hearts, in two separate sacs (fraternal twins, not identical).

No wonder I cannot eat anything, but have to eat all night to keep from getting sicker. All those hormones! Poor Greg. I am always asking, "honey can you get me this?" "Honey can you get me that?" "I think that I'm going to throw up!" There is actually no statement, just mad dashing to the bathroom.

So, for all of you that love us- this blog is for you.

We ask for your prayers. We have a long way to go. November is a long way off. I have a lot of baby(ies) left to build. All we want are healthy babies!

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  1. Great first post. I'll look forward to hearing about the journey. MK