Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Misery loves company

Everything is truthfully going pretty good. We're at 33+ weeks, and about 5+ pounds per baby. We did not have a very good ultrasound tech today, so I all can really say is that their heart rates were well within normal (136 and 148) and they both had grown adequately- looking at more than 5 pounds per baby. Our next OB appointment is Friday and we are probably going to start talking about our "birth plan."
This is the time when all the books talk about how tired you are- this is true, they weren't lying. On top of that I have had probably one of the worst colds I have had in a long time. I even canceled class, much to my student's dismay. I have taken up nasal lavage and I am still looking for the lung that I coughed up (ooo, does the coughing hurt). I think that God is helping me realize how miserable the babies would be if they ever got sick and reminding me to take extra good care of them. This has only made me embrace the idea of staying in the house and not going ANYWHERE for the first 2 months. If you come to our house, I want you here, but I may also ask you not to breathe on the boys, so bring your own oxygen.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Will this pot ever boil?

Not much has been going on in baby land.
Greg and I have started back to work- only 4 more weeks to go for me! I has been tiring, but over all really not too bad. Did you know I work with the best nursing faculty around? They have been very supportive and I never knew so many people would be happy to see me. AND they have offered to tie me up to the ceiling by my heels if I go into labor early. What a group of ladies!
We did see the midwife yesterday and it looks like I may be in luck. Twin A (presumably Miles) has put his head down where it is supposed to be (my pelvis). So we may have a chance at a vaginal delivery. We have our next ultrasound September 20 and see the MD on the 25... THEN we get to talk about the birth plan. My plan- get them out, keep us all safe, seems simple enough right? I don't know if this means we will be waiting for labor, or inducing. I'm sure that will be part of the conversation.
Heart rates were strong and regular. Lots of kicking. I have about 7 pounds of baby in me right now. Reflecting that this could go up to 14-16 pounds, I have a feeling I am not to the really uncomfortable part of pregnancy yet. Sounds like fun. Regardless of all of this, I have been unofficially diagnosed with the clinical syndrome TOP- tired of pregnancy. It does seem like forever since I have not been nauseated, constipated, short of breath and able to see my feet. Fortunately the end is near- 5 weeks to go!