Sunday, October 30, 2011

Getting ready for Halloween

Halloween is on the way! We have been practicing our cute faces and getting ready to say "trick or treat." Mom found these masks stashed away from last year, and this year- oh boy! We like to try them on and pretend to be our favorite animals.

Miles helped Mom make muffins this morning. It only took her twice as long!
"I wonder if Mom will let me eat them all?"

From the old phone

I finally had to get rid of my old phone. I have updated to an iPhone- so far I really like it!! I always had trouble sending pictures to my email, so there were several pictures that were on the old phone and had never made it to the blog. Some of them are really old- but still the cuteness factor ensues!
This is from our first trip to the grocery store. Just us and Mom. These carts are lifesavers (and continue to be).
Just us drinking our Starbucks, riding around Toys R Us.
Doesn't look thrilled does he?
So much bigger...
Actually has baby fat...
Not a baby anymore Momma!
I went all by myself!
Show me muscles!
What a cute little dino.
Two cool dudes at the Farmers' market.
Playing at fountain square. They prefer this warm puddle to the big fountain. Hopefully next summer they will be ready to run around.
The photographic proof that we can eat out at a nice restaurant.
Miles' first haircut.
Playin' at Hopscotch.
We do so much all by ourselves now!

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Now- we are TWO!

So, it is now official... we have started the sweet second year! I would say terrible, but we all know we are not terrible.We have been exerting our independence, but we are learning more words and trying many new things. We know many of our letters and can count pretty clearly to 5.
Miles ate all of his before I got his picture. They really love these alphabet cookies. 
Although we got more than enough for our birthday, we had a few presents to open.
Lightening and Mater from Uncle Dennis and Aunt Peggy and Zachary.
Our very own remote cars from Mom and Dad.
We got to try doughnut holes that morning....

Thomas pillowcases from Aunt Barb.

Name puzzles from Grandma Farnbach. 
Our fall neighborhood picnic was this past weekend. We had a great time and were ready to go home for bed.

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Birthday Party!

We are so close to 2... we can taste the vanilla frosting and cake! This weekend we had our birthday party with all of our twin friends. Ten kids under 3, is was a great time!

We are ready!! Where are all the kids?
Let the fun begin!

"A new Thomas book! I love it!"

Our cake- specialty made and all about CARS!