Sunday, October 25, 2009

Week 38- or We are 1 week old tomorrow!

It has been very eventful around here to say the least. I'm sorry I haven't had too much time to post- I think you'll all understand why.

We were discharged on Thursday.

Our first bath was Saturday night! It was fun- not too bad. Mom and Dad did it before we ate. So Camden spent a lot of time trying to eat Miles's arm. We are looking a little less alike (at least to our parents) everyday.



We would have been 38 weeks this week, so we are still premature. Feeding has been a challenge for Mom and Dad. We are eating well, but it takes considerable time.
Maybe a couple more weeks (when we are full term), things will be easier?

We want to thank everybody who has been around to help us out! All of the babysitters (for Mom and us, while Dad shops), cooks and elves. Our gratitude cannot be expressed enough.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Day 1

After trying to breastfeed and overall being a little tired after going through the birthing process, Miles and Camden had a restful evening.
Mom's system was a little stressed and definitely did not care for the anesthesia, so it was a long night of vomiting for her (but truthfully I have gotten somewhat used to it after all the morning sickess). It was "easy" vomiting.
Regardless of all this, Day 1 went well. We did a lot of suckling and learned how to "hand express" breast milk. Miles and Camden really enjoyed some of the breastfeeding sessions and therefore, so did Mom and Dad everyone else. I must admit, I did not realize how busy that first day would be.
Mom continued to recover from the anesthesia and Miles and Camden did have to be put under the warmers twice. Although breastfeeding continues to be a priority, maintaining a temperature and blood sugar for the boys is top priority, so with guidance from the nursery staff, we are supplementing with formula until Mom's milk comes in.

Happy Birthday!

Camden and Miles have joined the ranks of Chris Kattan, Evander Holyfield and Amy Carter. They were born via C-section at 2:17 and 2:19 p.m. on Monday October 19, 2009 at the Medical Center Bowling Green, Bowling Green Kentucky.
Miles Gregory weighed 5 pounds 13 ounces and is 19 inches long.
Camden Raines weighed 5 pounds 13.75 ounces and is 19 inches long.
Honestly, at this point I am not sure if they are identical or fraternal. The only true difference we can see is that Miles has the Goodrich ear (it is a little flatter and has a bump).
Mom and babies are doing well (Dad's not half bad either)...

Thursday, October 15, 2009


It shouldn't be long now. Aren't I supposed to be nesting? We were so prepared for them to come early, but we were fortunate that they did not. We will be 37 weeks on Saturday- officially not preterm.
I am sure that if I didn't have the nursery done, the house somewhat clean, food in the freezer, work "under control," they would have came weeks ago. Unfortunately, things that are left to do, I can't really help with (mow the grass, pull up the garden). Poor Greg is doing more nesting than I am.
It wears me out just to take my morning stroll. I wouldn't even call it a walk at this point I am so slow. It amazes me at my capability to sit. Every move is cumbersome. I am still not what you would call a large pregnant woman, but I sympathize with anyone who is or was. Every move is effort with 12+ pounds of baby inside of you. But as I put it, I am all the more to love.

Sunday, October 4, 2009

what's missing

We've had the showers

Tried on the clothes....

Endured an expanding waistline...

Gotten the nursery ready...

What are we missing??? Oh, yeah.


I really have not been craving much of anything during the pregnancy. But this week I have found something that I would really like to have- Advil (or Aleve). I have been sick with a cold for about 2 weeks. Plenty long if you ask me. The boys should be completely immune to this by now. It is not unusual for me to get a cough with my colds, and this one was no different. What is different now is that I have 2 heads pressing continuously against my right ribs. So in addition to rib pain from their heads, I have rib pain from the cough. I have not been sleeping well, I practically cannot move.
After being to the CNM, I either have a cracked rib, a pulled muscle or pleurisy. In other words, pain. Narcotics are "nice," but there is nothing like an anti-inflammatory when you need one.

Just keep smiling- it's almost over.