Thursday, May 30, 2013

Last day in Memphis

Before heading home, we hit the Train and Trolley museum and Gibson donuts! 
It was great fun, but we are glad to be back home. Now to enjoy our summer and await Aurora! 

Sleepy time afternoon

Daddy days are definitely jammed packed. We outgrew naps a while ago now, but every now and then....
A little snooze sneaks in. 

Friday, May 24, 2013

Zoo! Day 3

I would like to say that I am tired! We spent the whole day at the Memphis zoo.  Lots of fun, and mom wore out before the boys did. 

We thought Eli would like this picture. As we came back into town. Looks like there's a baseball game... Bet dad sneaks off for some alone time. 
Vacations are fun, but I think we will all be ready to see Bowling Green tomorrow. 

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Memphis day 2

Our second day in Memphis has been full, we aren't quite done yet, but are stopping for a little down time (mostly for mommy and Aurora). First for today, the Fire Museum. Most memorable was the room where you could play in simulated fire trucks.Next, the famous Peabody ducks. 
And lunch at the Arcade. 
A ride on the trolley...
We also have gone to the Pink Palace (probably wouldn't recommend this for kiddos, "museum-y)."
I think favorites up to this point, would definitely be the Fire Museum. They did like the Peabody Ducks, but there were so many  people! 
And by the way, if you ever see a 3 year old wave at you from a trolley, train, whatever, wave back. It will make their day. 

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Memphis day 1

Aurora had a great check up! 35 weeks, feeling quite well. Then off to Memphis!
Well, it took a little longer to get here than planned. 3 bathroom breaks and an interstate slow down- we are finally on vacation! Both boys took a brief nap in the van (amazing), we out to dinner, and then a stroll down the trolley line. 
Looking to more fun tomorrow! 

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

A little harmony

We are getting lots of use of our playground already! 

Mother's Day

Our mother's day was pretty low key. It was such a busy weekend with Greg gone to commencement and lots of other festivities that we just went out to dinner and went to a birthing class. You can see we are getting closer!

the boys are shouting cheese. Hope we can do better in our upcoming family photos. 

Monday, May 6, 2013

First Trip out to Jackson's

A few warm days are here, so out we go to Jackson's with our BFF's A&B. Ms. Mandy got oodles of cute pictures, so I will try to upload some of those too- but I make no promises. They can do so much for themselves now- even ride the cider slide. We had a very little friend join us. The boys weren't too crazy about picking it up. I think had Greg been with us, we probably would have had a new pet!

There's a baby turtle in there, do you see it?

Slide races!

Car Show

While Mommy's away the boys will play! There was a car show in BG in April, it was a weekend that I had to work, but that's no problem! The boys had a blast with Daddy. Then they went home and chalked their cars with flame jobs! Must admit letting them draw on things with chalk is great- very easy to clean up and they love to do it over and over.
Miles' flame job.

More Easter

Just a couple photos from our Easter egg hunt. I know that I am really behind and I don't anticipate things getting easier once Aurora is here. Too bad I can't update from my phone....