Tuesday, July 21, 2009

24 weeks twin update

Our meeting with the midwife this morning brought us nothing but good news.
I am not diabetic (thank God, I don't think I could have drunk that stuff again- it made me feel icky)
I am not anemic. (I dread thinking how much more constipated I would be if I had to take iron).
The babies are doing well...
We had our next ultrasound too. Twin A (as long as he doesn't move around too much this will be Miles) weighs 1#12oz. Twin B (Camden) weighs 1# 8 oz. Both were moving freely and kicking everything that there little feet would reach. This is practically double their weight from the last ultrasound... (lordy I could be in trouble). All measurements look good. My fundus had gone from 27 cm to 32cm- no wonder I am so short of breath. My cervix is tightly shut. It is unlikely that these are identlical twins, just in case you were wondering. And Miles' head is right on top of my bladder. Nice to know I am a good pillow.
We see the next doctor in 3 weeks and another ultrasound a week after that.

While I am still feeling human, we have been hitting the consignment shops. It is fun to shop with purpose and have money to spend! Some of our extra rooms are starting to fill up and the kitties' noses are working overtime to smell all the new stuff. I can't believe that we are practically in the third trimester!

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Cats on alert

Even though we are very excited about our babies, our "fur babies" still hold a very special place in our hearts.
I think that they know that something is up. They have been holding meetings. (To see all the cats in the same room without them fighting is truly an astonishment.)
Jezzabelle and Eli looking to the oldest for leadership. "What shall we do? They have closed the door to our favorite room and I hear that they are thinking about putting up traps (we commonly call these baby gates)."

This is Noir's take on the whole thing. I expect him to to live a long and happy life sleeping underneath the couch.

We did put up the baby gates just to see what they would do. Besides, it is great fun to torment them. We have one genius cat who only took minimal motivation to jump the gate. Noir is valedictorian of the class. What was his motivation you ask? That he was in the same area as the other 2. Eli is a little slow and still has not jumped the gate.

The Shower

As I started my 23 week, it is time to "get ready" for the twins arrival. Some of the twins books that I read state that you should be pretty much ready by the seventh month, so really I should get going!

My wonderful sister-n-l hosted a shower for 26 people! We had a good time! It will be a while before we see everyone again, so I am very glad that so many could make it.

The babies in this photo are our newest members at 3 and 11 months- so we had some babies to practice on. It is weird thinking that I will have one to take home with me soon. After a while, our 3 year-old nephew decided that he wanted to be the Dad for a while, I told him he would have to take it up with Greg.

One crib down, one to go!

Why buy toys?

Thank you to everyone!

I also want to thank all my aunts and cousins who have been "showering" me with gift cards. Who says it isn't fun to go out and get the mail?

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

twin update

We have had our 22 week check up and things are going well. I met for the first time the MD that I will be working with- Dr. N. I think that he and the midwife make a good team and we are starting to formulate a birth plan and get ready for these babies.
The results from the ultrasound were normal- our babies are both in the 39th percentile (and remember this is always from the standpoint of having one baby; there are no "normals" twins.)That means that 61% of babies at the 20 week mark are bigger than ours and that 38% are smaller. They each weigh (at 20 weeks) about 8 oz. and are about the size of a summer squash.
As for Mom, my blood pressure is still good 120/70, I have put on 16 # total. I still have quite a bit of nausea, but haven't vomited in over a week.
I think that some of the most interesting things we talked about is some of the symptoms I have been experiencing. My heart POUNDS- I can hear it every time I lay down. I feel it in my arms and legs, it's somewhat distracting. But as the doctor reminded my my circulating blood volume may go up 100% (I will have twice as much blood as before! The MD said it may go up more, but he could not remember what it was for twin moms) and we have to get that blood around some way. Of course that blood needs to be oxygenated, so I am more short of breath. It is usually only noticeable when I am walking hills and such, but nonetheless, very noticeable to some who is normally only short of breath when she is running.
It feels kind of weird to be in the transition to the 3rd trimester. I didn't think that it would ever get here, but time is flying. We are heading to Indianapolis for a baby shower this weekend and summer vacation is over half over (sigh). I will begin having visits to the doctor and midwife every 2 weeks and ultrasounds every month, so more baby updates will be forthcoming!