Monday, April 20, 2009

natural child birth

We went to the expectant parent fair this weekend at our local hospital. This was a time for 'daddy' to have his first exposure to the concept of what this whole "giving birth" thing will be like. We got to the see L&D rooms, nursery and postpartum area. Now, I am not saying that I am an expert on the matter, far from it, but fortunately I am a nurse, a real nurse.
There is a relatively strong possibility that I will have a C-section and I have been discussing this hubby. He jokingly says things like, "well I could make the incision, I am a doctor you know" and "I go out in the garden and see gross stuff all the time, I am a doctor, I can handle it." Well, I think that after getting a queasy stomach and a little flushed while touring the EMPTY L&D and baby areas, the doctor is coming to the realization that while his degree is very valued, he is not a real doctor. Sorry honey, but I think I will take the real thing. I love you anyways.

For those of you not on high speed, it is time to start considering getting it. Here is the first of many videos that will be coming your way in the future... Classic Bill Cosby. Take 10 mintues and have a great day!

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