Tuesday, April 7, 2009

My first pregnancy "injury"

Stretch marks, I hear they are coming (have some already). Flattened feet? Already have those. A body dysmorphed into something quite foreign to me- I can handle that.
I strained neck- I wasn't expecting that. It started out as a "crick" over a week ago. Then the vomiting started- that is what did it. My neck was hurting so badly I couldn't sleep or get comfortable at all. Ice, a little Tylenol, I knew it was going to need more than that.

Now, there are a few things in life that you want to avoid when seeing a healthcare professional. Phrases like, "I want the students to see this." "Let me go get my book." "We're going to name this (fill in your last name here)." Are definitely things that are better left unsaid. I just rendered my Chiropractor silent. Then during the examination a "well. no wonder that hurts."

After a few good 'pops,' some occipital massage and breathing followed by ice, ice and more ice, I am feeling much better. Long live alternative modalitites!

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