Sunday, June 26, 2011

there's 2, there's 4, there's 6, there's 8

Not much going on this week. Mom's studying, Dad's holding everything else together. Not too much longer and Mom will be done!! We went to B&N for a little time with their Thomas set.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

A little more fun

We are just out and about having fun! Camden was ill at the beginning of the week, but is feeling better. Miles has been getting into just about everything.

"Let's go Miles!"

I got them this neat little picnic table and they really love it!

Playing together...

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

father's day

We had a wonderful Father's Day at the lake with Nana Kathy and Poppa Gary. We got to play with the dogs, have homemade ice cream, run up and down the screened in porch and we even took our naps away from home for the very first time!
Sniffing the flowers on a rainy day.

We now use booster seats instead of full high chairs!

Hard not to get Miles in anything but an action shot.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Daddy's 39th birthday!

We gave Daddy a great birthday! Wednesday was Dad's birthday and boy were we busy!

Making chocolate eclair torte.

Testing out balloons.

Helping open presents.

Eating chocolate eclair torte.
The boys were not into wearing their hats this year :( maybe for their birthday? I cannot decide what they are thinking here. Somethings that pop to mind are...
"You're really HOW old?"
"Mom told me not to touch the cake."
"Really how old?"
"That hat does nothing for you Dad."
"No one would notice if I took a bite."
Father's Day is coming up. We've got lots of fun planned!

Monday, June 13, 2011

Kentucky Down Under

Mom and Dad's anniversary, Dad's birthday and father's day all fall within this week, so we have been having lots of fun. Mom and Dad got a new camera for their anniversary, so Mom has been playing around getting lots of pictures of us.
"Anniversary cake- yum!"

"I like practicing for my birthday!"

"Too cute aren't I?"
We went to Kentucky Down under Monday since it was nice and cool. What an enjoyable day. We had a good time, but we now know why 2 and under are almost always free. The boys wanted to do a lot of running around and not as much looking.

A rainbow lorie that we got to feed.

We got up right next to the kangaroos! Even got to pet them.

This peacock was very friendly too.

But this was the most fun that we had. Running up and down the ramp!

And playing in the gravel.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Picnic and FUN!

What a great week! Now that everyone is well, we are hoping to keep it that way. The BGMoMs picnic was this past weekend and after a little rain, we had a great time!!
Trying to avoid the enormous puddles!

Mac and Cheese, and fruit- YUM! Having a picnic supper with multiples is challenging. There are many things to do, like keep little ones out of enormous puddles, make sure they eat something more than ketchup and try to have a little adult conversation.

"Wow!! It's like looking in a mirror!"

These are the awesome fish that we made at our first library story time! We can't wait to go again.
Tonight for supper, we were eating and Miles suddenly pushed away his plate, looked at me and said, "BRAAA!" I gave him some of the things that I thought he would like, corn, beans, mac and cheese. He was shaking his head 'no' and just kept pointing and saying, "BRAAAA!" So, frustrated I handed him my salad. He immediately took a piece of raw broccoli and very happily ate it. He ate all of the broccoli off my salad. Miles loves raw broccoli with ranch and raw carrots with hummus. That's my boy!

Saturday, June 4, 2011

85 weeks

Ahhh, what a week! After a bout of illness, things seem to be getting better. Camden ran a fever for 5 days, but now is feeling better (a bit tired, but better) and has an awesome rash! Quite impressive I must say. We are waiting and waiting to see if Miles is going to escape. So far, so good. I am hoping that it won't happen tomorrow as we are supposed to go to a twin picnic. Nothing like making other kids sick. So the wait continues.
These too cute t-shirts are from another set of twins. They say "This one" and "That one." It was funny. We put the "that one" shirt on Miles this morning and it just didn't seem to fit him. Anyone else have that come up?
Trust me these two shots took about 20 to get.

After Camden went to take a nap, Miles and I made angel food cake for tomorrow. Camden has been wanting his nap early since he's been ill. Poor little guy. During the worst of it, he fell asleep before lunch! We hope that he isn't in the first percentile by the time his appetite is back. I just got this step stool from one step ahead. It is definitely one of my favorite catalogs. So many neat things!

"Looks good Mommy!"

"I only wish I could taste it."
"I think it will look just right."

Here's hoping for a healthy month!