Monday, April 25, 2011

Easter weekend

The Easter bunny came for a visit!
We spent some time at one of our local parks. They love the park!

Saturday afternoon we had an Easter egg hunt at Nana and Poppa Baker's house. We really got into it. Look out- here we come!

It was great fun!
Miles likes to sit in his chair and read books.

Miles has started riding the lego truck. I think that it is sooo funny.

Sunday we had the first annual "Goodrich house" egg hunt. After all the practice at the Baker's they were pros.

Look at all my eggs Mama!

Love, love, love puzzles-

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

18 months old

My little babies, aren't so little anymore. Today is our 18 month birthday. They are so much fun right now! We go to the park, watch Thomas and Elmo, play with our push cars, eat like big boys (from plates) and call for our Mama and Dada. We can put together puzzles, throw a ball to Eli, go up and down stairs and argue with each ; )

"One too many blueberries Mama"

"But I like it!"

"Anymore down there?" They drink from their bowls every meal.


"I think that I have room for one more."

I think he has a future as a headbanger.

Snack time! We have decided to lay off on the chocolate :)

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

77 weeks

Funny Guy
It is finally staying warmer and we are out taking advantage it! We walked from Lost river cave to the BG bark Park for some fun at the playground.

Camden is entranced by Dada mowing the grass.

You an see Greg in the distance. Our boys are the only ones who wish our yard was bigger and that mowing took longer.

Practicing an Easter Egg hunt with Nana Kathy and Poppa Gary was great fun, but who knew what great hats the buckets would make?

"Where's Miles and Camden?"

"Yes, I am a character."

While the boys LOVE going to the park, they rarely play on equipment. They just run and run and run.

Round and round. This went on for close to 5 minutes.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

so big

The boys really are growing up so quickly! While they are good eaters, sometimes they get a little impatient waiting to eat. So, I thought it was time to introduce plates. These plates are from 'aunt' Gayle, they were a big hit! It went really well and I think I am on to something. I know it won't always work, but it is nice for it to work for a change. I was eating with them and said, "you boys are so big." Miles put down his spoon and put his arms in the air. It was really cute.
Miles now knows quite a few body parts.
Camden said 'Elmo'- "mel-mo" tonight.
When you ask them to show you down, they both squat down, then up, they stand up.

Sunday, April 3, 2011

What color is this?

It has been a busy week.
We started out with Miles finishing up being sick. Seems like he has come out of it like a trooper! Our computers got a bad virus and were shut down by the cable company-that was frustrating. For the most part they are back to normal, but showing their age.
Noir never really got used to the boys. He really hasn't ever adjusted to them. He was losing weight and had to stay in the laundry room all day while the boys were up (due to his anxiety), so we put him to sleep on Monday.
Camden was feeling a bit left out, so he decided to get Miles' sickness on Wednesday, so the whole process started all over again.
BUT then came the weekend. It has bee nice and warm. So outside we went!

Fill 'er up!
Beep, Beep Mama!

This is the second time we did this. The first time was perfect.