Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Eating for two, er I mean three.

Ok. Somebody needed to warn me about this whole appetite thing.
Unfortunately, I have been quite nauseated and even had some vomiting, but thanks to the miracles of modern science, Zofran, the wonder drug of pregnancy is helping keep that in check (category B for those of you who would want to know). So much so, that a new side of Demara is coming out. The twin are a bad influence on me. I have not crossed a threshold into McDonald's Cracker Barrel or Zaxby's (it's a chicken place here in BG)- in many, many years. Now I am thinking of buying stock I eat there so much.
A plate 2/3's full of vegetables? Only if you count french fries. Lean protein? well, chicken fingers are cut leaner than bone in chicken right?
I have been pretty good at McD's- yogurt parfait, yummy. Oh, and a couple of apple pies.
Now before you start lighting up the comment board, this is not the only thing that I have been eating. It's just unusual that I would eat it at all. And telling me I need to eat healthier? Excuse me while I vomit on your shoes.

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  1. Demara...I am so happy for you. And to ease your fears about eating...I ate what I wanted each time...gained over 60 pounds. I enjoyed being a mom to be...and I guess it showed! All 185 pounds of me!!