Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Twins update!

Well, this is what you really read this blog for.
We had our second appointment today and all is well. Our dates have been adjusted a little bit. The 40 week date by ultrasound is November 8th- which is 5 days sooner than originally thought. Now this would be the "due date" if we were having a 'singleton' (single baby birth). The twins will probably be born closer to October 10th, but as the midwife said, we will see how I am feeling and how my blood pressure and such is going. We may be able to go longer, but for now this is the target date. Can you believe that this is 6 months away??
Other good news- we were fortunate enough to hear one 'buga-boos' heart beat. That is great for this stage in the game! It was clipping along at 154. That was exciting. I was excited to hear that my hemoglobin levels (blood) were good (13.9). That means that I am not anemic- and at the time that it was taken, I had not started iron yet, so hopefully this reading will stay strong. I had lost one pound, but that was not a huge concern, I am sure I will catch up.
I want you all to know that we greatly appreciate all the prayers and good wishes that we have been receiving. I can feel that positive energy working and know that it is helping making our babies strong. We love all of you and are so excited to be sharing this stage of our lives with you.
Our next visit is May 12th, right after Mother's day. Tell your mom how much you love her, she worked hard to get you here!

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