Saturday, September 4, 2010

Camden crawls!

I can remember when I couldn't tell the boys apart. When we brought them home, I painted Camden's toenail because I was so afraid I would confuse them. Needless to say, I never did, but I needed that reassurance. Now everyone says, "they're twins?!?!" I prefer of to think of them as brothers that share the same birthday.
Camden has really taken off with his crawling. But like everything, he is very different from Miles in his mannerisms. Miles has a 'charge!' attitude to his crawling. Camden is more like a giraffe on the safari. Both are beautiful to watch as they learn new tasks and they are so determined!
It is 'chilly' (60)here on the back porch this labor day weekend. We will be watching Purdue football today and going to the lake to visit Nana Kathy and Poppa Gary and go fo rour first ride on a boat tomorrow.
Up on 1!

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