Sunday, September 19, 2010

11 months old

The Mad Scientist

It has been a rough week. Both babies have roseola. It started on Wednesday with Miles starting a fever, he was sick with fever for a couple of days, then Camden got it. The fevers were pretty high, so we were getting the boys up at night to give them Advil and Tylenol. I am so proud of them. They went back to sleep quickly and were good. Camden is still recovering today eating mostly popsicles and yogurt. We also want to thank our Nana and Auntie Mary, it is great to be surrounded by so many good nurses!

Mommy has been studying as hard as she can. We are looking forward to next week. We are hoping for more rest, and time with Mommy when she finishes her first test. Go Mommy!

We play like this on the neighborhood swing. It is quite precious to have two delighted babies at once.

We recycle at our house.

Won't be too much longer and he'll be walking. We had to move the toybox out of the family room today. Miles found his way on top of it.

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