Sunday, June 6, 2010

Jail Break week 30

It has been a busy week! Having Mom and Dad at home has been great. We go on an 'adventure' everyday. We have a great time and it makes us take a nice long nap. We got another baby pool. We like the one with the sprinklers in it but it is c-o-l-d. We could only stay in it for a few minutes. This new one Mom warms up and we love to play with our toys. Mostly, we like to chew on our toys, but as you can see we still have fun!
We went to 'Concert in the Park.' We got to listen to a band, see lots of kids and taste a Hawaiian ice. We were pooped by the end of the day.

Our bouncy's have taken on a new life. Now that we can sit up, Mom puts toys in the seat and we sit up and play.

Your weekly dose of giggles:

We have started 'milesproofing' and put up many gates and secured the cabinets. Nothing replaces a watchful parent, but these things have slowed him down a bit. He crawls really fast, and is only getting faster. It is like he looks for the most dangerous thing in the room and heads right to it. The kitties are a little distraught by all the new restrictions, but I they will get used to it. I'm sure once they boys can walk, they will be happy that there are gates between them!

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