Monday, June 14, 2010

34 weeks

Camden can do amazing things with his feet- see how the book is at his feet in this picture?
Now he has moved it to his hands!

Playing with bubbles

Note the similairity between Miles' foot and his hands. His big toe is so much like a thumb, it is not even funny!

Cruzin' with Daddy!
We planted these Hollyhocks when we still cared about the garden. They are beautiful this year.

What a busy week! Mom and Dad's 11th anniversary was on Saturday, so we went to Whole Foods on Sunday to help them celebrate. Dad's birthday is on Tuesday- so we will be blowing out candles and tasting some "Rice dream" (like ice cream made out of rice). And then Father's Day is this weekend! Lots of summer fun!

Miles likes to "hop around" while on the "trike." I wonder when he will figure out that he is moving on his own?

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