Sunday, October 25, 2009

Week 38- or We are 1 week old tomorrow!

It has been very eventful around here to say the least. I'm sorry I haven't had too much time to post- I think you'll all understand why.

We were discharged on Thursday.

Our first bath was Saturday night! It was fun- not too bad. Mom and Dad did it before we ate. So Camden spent a lot of time trying to eat Miles's arm. We are looking a little less alike (at least to our parents) everyday.



We would have been 38 weeks this week, so we are still premature. Feeding has been a challenge for Mom and Dad. We are eating well, but it takes considerable time.
Maybe a couple more weeks (when we are full term), things will be easier?

We want to thank everybody who has been around to help us out! All of the babysitters (for Mom and us, while Dad shops), cooks and elves. Our gratitude cannot be expressed enough.


  1. Miles and Camden look great! Very alert. You are going to have some hungry boys on your hands. Scotty used to chew on his fist (if he had a twin I'm sure he would have chewed on him) when he was hungry. Then it turned into blankets, etc. A pacifier helped for awhile.