Thursday, October 15, 2009


It shouldn't be long now. Aren't I supposed to be nesting? We were so prepared for them to come early, but we were fortunate that they did not. We will be 37 weeks on Saturday- officially not preterm.
I am sure that if I didn't have the nursery done, the house somewhat clean, food in the freezer, work "under control," they would have came weeks ago. Unfortunately, things that are left to do, I can't really help with (mow the grass, pull up the garden). Poor Greg is doing more nesting than I am.
It wears me out just to take my morning stroll. I wouldn't even call it a walk at this point I am so slow. It amazes me at my capability to sit. Every move is cumbersome. I am still not what you would call a large pregnant woman, but I sympathize with anyone who is or was. Every move is effort with 12+ pounds of baby inside of you. But as I put it, I am all the more to love.

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