Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Day 1

After trying to breastfeed and overall being a little tired after going through the birthing process, Miles and Camden had a restful evening.
Mom's system was a little stressed and definitely did not care for the anesthesia, so it was a long night of vomiting for her (but truthfully I have gotten somewhat used to it after all the morning sickess). It was "easy" vomiting.
Regardless of all this, Day 1 went well. We did a lot of suckling and learned how to "hand express" breast milk. Miles and Camden really enjoyed some of the breastfeeding sessions and therefore, so did Mom and Dad everyone else. I must admit, I did not realize how busy that first day would be.
Mom continued to recover from the anesthesia and Miles and Camden did have to be put under the warmers twice. Although breastfeeding continues to be a priority, maintaining a temperature and blood sugar for the boys is top priority, so with guidance from the nursery staff, we are supplementing with formula until Mom's milk comes in.

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