Tuesday, July 7, 2009

twin update

We have had our 22 week check up and things are going well. I met for the first time the MD that I will be working with- Dr. N. I think that he and the midwife make a good team and we are starting to formulate a birth plan and get ready for these babies.
The results from the ultrasound were normal- our babies are both in the 39th percentile (and remember this is always from the standpoint of having one baby; there are no "normals" twins.)That means that 61% of babies at the 20 week mark are bigger than ours and that 38% are smaller. They each weigh (at 20 weeks) about 8 oz. and are about the size of a summer squash.
As for Mom, my blood pressure is still good 120/70, I have put on 16 # total. I still have quite a bit of nausea, but haven't vomited in over a week.
I think that some of the most interesting things we talked about is some of the symptoms I have been experiencing. My heart POUNDS- I can hear it every time I lay down. I feel it in my arms and legs, it's somewhat distracting. But as the doctor reminded my my circulating blood volume may go up 100% (I will have twice as much blood as before! The MD said it may go up more, but he could not remember what it was for twin moms) and we have to get that blood around some way. Of course that blood needs to be oxygenated, so I am more short of breath. It is usually only noticeable when I am walking hills and such, but nonetheless, very noticeable to some who is normally only short of breath when she is running.
It feels kind of weird to be in the transition to the 3rd trimester. I didn't think that it would ever get here, but time is flying. We are heading to Indianapolis for a baby shower this weekend and summer vacation is over half over (sigh). I will begin having visits to the doctor and midwife every 2 weeks and ultrasounds every month, so more baby updates will be forthcoming!

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  1. This all sounds very normal, especially about your heart-pounding and being breathless. I felt much the same way, and I only ever had one baby in me at a time!

    Hang in there, you're doing great! As I'm sure you've been told, it's always well worth the wait!