Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Cats on alert

Even though we are very excited about our babies, our "fur babies" still hold a very special place in our hearts.
I think that they know that something is up. They have been holding meetings. (To see all the cats in the same room without them fighting is truly an astonishment.)
Jezzabelle and Eli looking to the oldest for leadership. "What shall we do? They have closed the door to our favorite room and I hear that they are thinking about putting up traps (we commonly call these baby gates)."

This is Noir's take on the whole thing. I expect him to to live a long and happy life sleeping underneath the couch.

We did put up the baby gates just to see what they would do. Besides, it is great fun to torment them. We have one genius cat who only took minimal motivation to jump the gate. Noir is valedictorian of the class. What was his motivation you ask? That he was in the same area as the other 2. Eli is a little slow and still has not jumped the gate.

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