Tuesday, July 21, 2009

24 weeks twin update

Our meeting with the midwife this morning brought us nothing but good news.
I am not diabetic (thank God, I don't think I could have drunk that stuff again- it made me feel icky)
I am not anemic. (I dread thinking how much more constipated I would be if I had to take iron).
The babies are doing well...
We had our next ultrasound too. Twin A (as long as he doesn't move around too much this will be Miles) weighs 1#12oz. Twin B (Camden) weighs 1# 8 oz. Both were moving freely and kicking everything that there little feet would reach. This is practically double their weight from the last ultrasound... (lordy I could be in trouble). All measurements look good. My fundus had gone from 27 cm to 32cm- no wonder I am so short of breath. My cervix is tightly shut. It is unlikely that these are identlical twins, just in case you were wondering. And Miles' head is right on top of my bladder. Nice to know I am a good pillow.
We see the next doctor in 3 weeks and another ultrasound a week after that.

While I am still feeling human, we have been hitting the consignment shops. It is fun to shop with purpose and have money to spend! Some of our extra rooms are starting to fill up and the kitties' noses are working overtime to smell all the new stuff. I can't believe that we are practically in the third trimester!

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