Thursday, March 1, 2012

The saga continues

Well, although we have been through a round of antibiotics, our ear infections continue. It is like a two for one deal around here! We are on new medicine, but unfortunately the big side effect of this med is G.I. upset. Mom is filling us with probiotics in hopes of warding off and G.I. distress. We are still waking up regularly at night, but if you have a look at our ears, you will see why! On a good note, our appetites are much better and we are taking naps without too much argument. We are still hoping to go to Chattanooga for spring break, but we will have to see if these antibiotics work (Mom is betting that they will!). To break up the redundancy, Mom got us some Playdoh and is was a big hit. We understand that it is for making great things like Thomas and balls and letters and eating (well maybe we shouldn't eat it).

"How do you like my outfit?"

In the Purdue tradition, we may be raising the next Gus Grissom or Neil Armstrong
One small step

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