Friday, February 24, 2012

A Little Sunshine

What a week! We have all had the GI flu and are STILL recovering. Things have been tough around here, but are slowly getting better. Two things to make note of: Both boys used the potty for #2- now #2 has been pretty loose, so I cannot say that it was voluntary, but we'll take it! This was the perfect week for Miles to start saying "I duv u, Mama." Mama really needed it.
Camden has needed periodic breathing treatments. After the GI flu, we got a little URI that was causing him a very painful, tight cough. Miles got the cough and fever today, but I am hoping that it will be fairly short lived. Here's to more sunshine in the future and a bright tomorrow!
Some peaceful resting after a tough night.
These were taken before all the illness.
Warmer today (before it gets cold again), just watching the world go by.

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