Tuesday, August 16, 2011

finger painting and mammoth cave

With summer drawing to a close, we have been trying to get in a few more activities. Finger painting, while fun, is extremely messy. Of course, I am always worrying about how much finger paint they are consuming also! So, I thought I would try finger paint that is actually made for eating! I may regret this one day when they are eating their finger paint in kindergarten or painting my walls with their dessert, but for now it is working!!

We took a hike in Mammoth cave National Park last weekend. They boys did great! There were some high points, and low points, but definitely an experience that we will learn from.

This was mine and Camden's view of Miles and Dad for most of the hike.

An itty-bitty snake.

Checking out the views.
Got our gear on!

At one point, visitors were brought to the park via train. One of these trains continues to be on display.

"How far is it back to the car?"
We were all hot and tired by this point!!

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