Sunday, April 3, 2011

What color is this?

It has been a busy week.
We started out with Miles finishing up being sick. Seems like he has come out of it like a trooper! Our computers got a bad virus and were shut down by the cable company-that was frustrating. For the most part they are back to normal, but showing their age.
Noir never really got used to the boys. He really hasn't ever adjusted to them. He was losing weight and had to stay in the laundry room all day while the boys were up (due to his anxiety), so we put him to sleep on Monday.
Camden was feeling a bit left out, so he decided to get Miles' sickness on Wednesday, so the whole process started all over again.
BUT then came the weekend. It has bee nice and warm. So outside we went!

Fill 'er up!
Beep, Beep Mama!

This is the second time we did this. The first time was perfect.

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