Tuesday, April 19, 2011

18 months old

My little babies, aren't so little anymore. Today is our 18 month birthday. They are so much fun right now! We go to the park, watch Thomas and Elmo, play with our push cars, eat like big boys (from plates) and call for our Mama and Dada. We can put together puzzles, throw a ball to Eli, go up and down stairs and argue with each ; )

"One too many blueberries Mama"

"But I like it!"

"Anymore down there?" They drink from their bowls every meal.


"I think that I have room for one more."

I think he has a future as a headbanger.

Snack time! We have decided to lay off on the chocolate :)

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  1. Wow...18 months! Congrats on that milestone! I remember that as being the start of lots of fun with the girlies...let the all-out talking begin! :) :)