Saturday, January 15, 2011

static central

We have had colds this week, but things are looking up. While we still have a few sniffles, we're hoping to get to a birthday party this afternoon. Mom has been back to work for a whole week. That has been hard on everybody, but this is her last semester and that's what we keep telling ourselves. Look at all those teeth! Miles has about 4 on bottom also.
They have a play tunnel and tent that they love. As you can see it gets a little static-y in there.

"I can't do a thing with my hair!"

Gotta love this t-shirt- they both have one :)

Camden was playing ball with Eli the other day. Eli is still a little skitish when playing with them, but I think he will get better. I think that Camden knows Eli's name, every now and then he will yell "EEEEE!" (which is actually what we call him a lot of the time). Hopefully they will get to be good friends. We are currently looking for a good home for Noir, so if you know a nice single person, with no other animals or children- we have the perfect lap kitty for them. Noir needs lots of attention and would be great for a shut-in.

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