Thursday, January 27, 2011

Double ears...

Camden is still on the mend from his ear infection and Miles started running fevers and feeling lousy Friday night- he too has either and ear or sinus infection. Everybody's still a little "needy" wanting to be held and cuddled instead of played with- that's fine with me, but makes it hard to get dinner ready! Camden is about half way through his medicine, Miles not too far behind, so hopefully by this weekend everybody will be happy. This has made going back to school even harder- poor Daddy was even sick for a day. I can't wait for sunshine and warm weather to kill all those germs! The pictures below are from the interim before Miles got really sick. Somehow I think that he was actually sicker longer than Camden, but Miles has such a tolerance for things. I think he just wasn't letting us know. We went to Barns and Noble to play with the Thomas set. Thomas is becoming more popular in the house. But Elmo still rules.
We were asking them "where's Mommie?"
How does the train go?

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