Sunday, January 23, 2011

O where, O where has our little C gone?

It has been a busy couple of weeks. School is back in session on Monday, but we have been busy! We are still adjusting to Mom being back at school/work full time. Camden is taking this especially hard. He has been grumpy, not eating and in general not himself. Mom was suspicious, so Saturday morning Camden went to the MD- and he has an ear infection! Hopefully by early next week, he will be back to his old self. His appetite is improving, but his disposition- we're still working on that.
Camden yelled at the window "Ya- da!" when he saw Greg in the driveway. Miles now makes duck, horse and elephant sounds. Both boys are still crazy about trucks! You'll see more below from our field trip. These are some cute Elmo hats sent to us from our Great-Aunt Barbara. We like them because they are sooo warm and comfortable.

It has been an unusually cold and snowy winter here in BG. We have been dying to get outside! It was still cold and snowy this weekend, so Mom and Dad decided we would try the corvette museum. We L-O-V-E-D it! It wasn't busy, so we had room to run and walk and bang on things. The museum has added a children's area, so we even got to play! It was a great break from being inside and we will definitely go again.

"This is just what I want for my birthday!"

"Can I have one in black?"
"I think that I can fit in this one now."

Not quite sure how this one got flipped, but Miles loved to look at the frames and wires.

"How can I pimp my ride?"

We haven't seen this smile in a while.

Cars and balls. What more could a Camden want?

Balls and cars. What more could a Miles want?

This is a little video of the boys playing together. It still rare instances, you will catch them working together and playing with each other and it is really cute when they do it!

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