Sunday, December 12, 2010

Let it snow!

We have made it! Finals week it here and the semester is almost over. It has been crazy busy around here getting ready for Christmas and New Year's (and Spring semester too). We are looking forward to a little family time together.
All the kids (even the furry one) are playing with a laser pointer we bought last year for the cats.
"What do you mean I have to be good until Christmas?"
Bowling Green is currently under a winter storm advisory and we are expected to get around 3". A phenomena around here. I have been looking for sleds for weeks. Very difficult to find in the south (I guess). I found 1 at Walmart (and yes it was just 1).
Miles' first sled ride!


"You people are crazy."

"NO. I am not going to smile. And yes my father is crazy."

"Thank God I survived!"

Miles enjoyed it a bit more the second time around. We only had one spill and it wasn't too bad, but too bad these things don't come with seat belts.

"We get to go inside! Yay!!"

Post sledding hot chocolate.
It is still snowing now and we are wondering what tomorrow's forecast will be. We may get to try a "mini" snowman. It takes us as long to get dressed as we are outside. It is quite a feat to get them ready to go, but hopefully they are having some fun!
Miles has popped out two more teeth and doesn't take bottles anymore (unless he steals Camden's).
Both boys will eagerly tell you how a truck goes and look for trucks out the window.

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