Monday, December 27, 2010

Family traditions

One thing that I have been thinking about over the holidays is various family traditions. What would my boys remember from each holiday season? What do I remember from my childhood? There are many things that stand out to me, but one thing that I think makes my family unique.

Every year there are various articles about "how much to tip whom" for holiday "bonuses." 35% (conservatively speaking) to your hairdresser, babysitter, accountant, etc. Something to those individuals that make your life easier. However, I have never seen an article address those individuals that REALLY do make a difference to our lives.

My mother each year would make up a batch of goodies for our disposal man (aka the trash man), mailman and newspaper man. I have proudly taken up this tradition, and let me tell you it is more rewarding than many of the other gifts I give throughout the holiday season. I watch out the window (when I can) to see them get their little present (it really isn't much, usually homemade cookies and candy in a tin). I am never disappointed in the smile. What has been happening the last couple of years, is that I get a note in return wishing me happy holidays and many heartfelt wishes and greetings. That note carries such a positive energy that it is placed up with all the other greeting cards we get. I KNOW that we have made someone's day.

Our trashman earned his cookies this year- all the diapers! The postal man- many more cards (and bills). The recycling man- so many toy boxes. The newspaper man- he still brings the weekend reprieve. And you must admit, these individuals NEVER let you down. These things always get done. Unfortunately, I don't see many others who have joined in on this tradition. I hope my sons someday want to trot the mailman's present out to him. So, I challenge you to do what you can. And really, as you see, it doesn't take much. The holiday week is still upon us!


  1. We started doing this just this year for the mail carrier and garbage/recycle collectors. The boys were thrilled to wait for the trucks to come and then run outside to give them their goodies. Great tradition!

  2. This is a great reminder, Demara. I keep thinking about the folks who deal with our garbage, meaning to take them some candy. I'm adding this to my list for next week.

  3. I do the same thing only I make peanut clusters. It never occurred to me to lurk and watch the garbage men but I may do that next year.