Wednesday, August 18, 2010

on the move...

Miles is on the move! He has started using a walker and can really go! The aunties were here for his madien voyage- back and forth and back and forth. Poor little guy got panting! Camden can now sit up all by himself without any help. He has been working on that hard! We are glad he has accomplished it- now maybe we will have our happy Camden back. Still only one tooth for Camden, I'm sure that the other one is in there somewhere.

Our favorites right now:
Food- zuchinni pancakes! They are great with their finger foods. We even tried mini waffles today and they managed them all by themselves.
Play- Camden still likes to play with balls. I got him a bag of balls that he can sit in. Miles plays with anything that isn't technically a toy. Butt cream, baby gates, carpet fuzz. Toys don't really hold his attention (unless Camden is holding it).

Philosophy in life:
Miles- "If at first you don't succeed- push harder."
Camden- "If at first you don't succeed- wait for someone to come help you."

"Did Mom ever tell you that I like to play with balls?"

Miles thought this football as a top was pretty funny. I have had no luck finding a top for him to play with.

Some Camden giggles...

Here he is!!


  1. I love their life mottos! So funny!

    Tell me more about zucchini pancakes!!! (you can FB message me with directions if you have time). Thanks!

  2. Our girls have always loved balls, too. We got them some plastic "textured" balls at Toys R Us that they have really enjoyed. They also have some with animals in the middle of them, and they still find those lots of fun.

    I love the boys' differing philosophies! :)