Saturday, August 7, 2010

Major Crankies

The boys got some shots on Thursday and it has been "major cranky" around here. Not terrible, awful bad, but you just can't figure out why they are whinning all the time. We have been staying home a lot because they just got over a cold and then there was the shots right after that. So, as this next week goes on, we are hoping that they will be feeling better and back to their old chipper selves. During all this, Camden decided it was time to cut his first two teeth. So he has an extra excuse to be cranky.
I am getting ready to go back to work and still need a few bigger clothes- things are slowly shrinking. The key word there is slowly. The boys and I ventured to the mall. I looked in 3 stores in less than 45 minutes. Power shopping! They still were more than ready to go. The mall has kiddie rides for 50 cents, so we played on a couple. This is the happiest I've seen them recently. The corvette brought immediate smiles and happiness! Maybe we could get one moved into the house.

(Sorry for the poor quality of picture, it is from my phone which is not great about pictures).

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