Saturday, March 13, 2010

Spring Break- Party Time!

It was Spring Break for Greg and I and needless to say, the twins have found some reason to party. Miles is nap protesting HARD. It doesn't matter if you hold him or let him lay in his crib. He cries and cries with anything that has to do with sleeping at naptime. Of course this is coming at the end of the week right before Greg and I have to go back to work and manage home time by ourselves. Fortunately it has not leaked over into nighttime too much, but usually he is so exhausted during the day that he sleeps ok at night. Camden goes to sleep, but likes short catnaps which means your putting him down all the time (and of course consequently getting him up all the time). But it is doable and he does things fairly consistently. It does make you feel terrible when they cry like that, but I suppose sometime soon they will be crying hard because they want cookies for lunch and not vegetables. Sigh. So we cover them with kisses and put them in their beds.

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