Monday, February 22, 2010

18 weeks

It has been an exhausting week. Miles has stopped sleeping for more than a few hours (4) at night. This has been really frustrating because at one time he was sleeping up to 8. Camden has been doing great, but we cannot decide whether to separate the boys, move somebody back in to our room or what. Do they need to go to bed earlier? Is he hungry? Is he just wanting to be social? All in all we thought some of our hardest days were behind us, but now we're not so sure. There have been lots of tears on everybody's part.
On top of that, I crushed my foot at work. So, it has been hard to take the boys for a walk or even walk around the house. It is throbbing at the end of the day. And yes, it hurts as bad as it looks.

They do occasionally notice each other and talk, it is cute.

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