Monday, June 1, 2009

Woman's work

I am a feminist. Having children does not contradict that. In fact, I believe that it even enhances this fact. This posting however, is not a rant about feminism.
What I have noticed after becoming pregnant, is that no matter how progressive the society, gender lines still prevail. Nowhere is this more evident than in registering for baby items. HH (handsome husband) and I have registered for a few essentials (Babies R Us and Target for those of you interested) and I have never seen such a gender bias in favor of females.
Now, some of you are thinking, "duh" babies are woman's work. And I contend that it is 50% woman's work. I get to vomit, be constipated, have itching in various crevices, be moody, take afternoon naps, watch my figure expand, the list goes on and on. But HH gets to take up many of the household chores, worry about how we are going to pay for the little ones (I already know about the various college funds and how much out-of-state tuition is going to cost in 2027), worry about me, be at my beck and call, do all the garden work (I haven't touched dirt or grass in 17 weeks)- I'm sure his list goes on and on also.
I am not ignorant to the fact that not every woman has this necessity. They are saints. I couldn't do it without a partner, but this is a topic for a different time and place.
I guess I am just voicing my opinion that there are many men out there who are completely vested in this process and they get very little credit, not even from salespeople. They shouldn't be listed as "optional" when filling out the baby registery forms. I'm pretty sure that it some way shape or form, their contributions are required.

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