Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Today's appointment

Yeah! Finally an appointment. Never so happy to go and see someone in the medical profession. My nausea has (finally) subsided. I am decreasing my medication and hopefully I will be off of it in a week or so. Obviously, I am still able to find food. I put on at least 6 pounds. It seems to be all belly : )
The heart rates were 160's and 150's respectively. And the top of my uterus (fundus) is about 2-3 cm above my belly button. All normal for a twin pregnancy.
We had the blood drawn for a "pent screen." These tests help establish whether or not the babies might have a chromosomal disorder or a neural tube defect.
Sigh, Alas the ultrasound is not scheduled until the 22nd. So, it is still unknown what the sexes are.
We have been very busy making baby arrangements. I have the most wonderful painters in the world painting the nursery and bathroom (as well as the stairwell). It is much brighter and cheerier up there. It has gone from industrial gray to a shade of sky blue that looks like you're looking up at a cloudless sky. I love it. I look forward to seeing furniture and such in there.
We are (most likely), half way there!

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