Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Happy Mother's Day! twin update number two

Well, all is well.
I had my second OB appointment today. Although I still have a habit of throwing up, I have gained 2 pounds. My blood pressure was excellent (107/68).
We got to hear 2 wonderful heartbeats, 137 and 147 respectively. I don't remember my fundal height, but nothing to be concerned about there either.
I am really hoping over the next 2-4 weeks the nausea and vomiting will finally subside. This is a normal time span for a twin pregnancy. The vomiting has been very forceful and very irritating to my esophageal lining, so I got a new prescription for that. Hopefully it will help the esophagus heal and give it a protective coating.
I had a wonderful first Mother's Day. Did I ever tell you what a wonderful husband I had? He got us a prenatal massage (much needed for the increasing sore shoulder and hip I am having) and took us all to Nashville to shop at the Whole Foods there. We even got Pei Wei (probably one of the few restaurants that I miss from Phoenix). I am probably one of the few moms that would enjoy going to a grocery for Mother's Day. Hope yours was memorable too!

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