Thursday, May 23, 2013

Memphis day 2

Our second day in Memphis has been full, we aren't quite done yet, but are stopping for a little down time (mostly for mommy and Aurora). First for today, the Fire Museum. Most memorable was the room where you could play in simulated fire trucks.Next, the famous Peabody ducks. 
And lunch at the Arcade. 
A ride on the trolley...
We also have gone to the Pink Palace (probably wouldn't recommend this for kiddos, "museum-y)."
I think favorites up to this point, would definitely be the Fire Museum. They did like the Peabody Ducks, but there were so many  people! 
And by the way, if you ever see a 3 year old wave at you from a trolley, train, whatever, wave back. It will make their day. 

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