Monday, May 6, 2013

First Trip out to Jackson's

A few warm days are here, so out we go to Jackson's with our BFF's A&B. Ms. Mandy got oodles of cute pictures, so I will try to upload some of those too- but I make no promises. They can do so much for themselves now- even ride the cider slide. We had a very little friend join us. The boys weren't too crazy about picking it up. I think had Greg been with us, we probably would have had a new pet!

There's a baby turtle in there, do you see it?

Slide races!

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  1. I was just typing up a post about how much fun we had! :) And I do have a ton of cute pictures...I will get them to you soon. I might just have to put them on a disk. It's otherwise so hard to choose! ;)

    Thanks for such a fantastic day on Friday!