Monday, October 10, 2011

Almost two! What's up with Miles and Camden

I thought that I would take a little opportunity to let you know what we are now able to do!
While our speech is still somewhat unclear, our vocabulary attempts are growing by leaps and bounds. We know many of our colors: Yell-yow! Pur-ple! are two of our favorites. Both boys can say Bye Mama! or Bye Dada! or Hi Mama, Hi Dada (thanks to Grandma Vickie). Camden will even throw out a "tank-you."They have to be in the right mood, but for the most part, they like to talk. Miles is beginning to count and Camden loves to read the letters on cars (like the license plates or H-Y-B-R-I-D which is what the Prius says on its side). Camden gets most of the letters right and Miles can go up to 5, but tends to get stuck using one and three over and over.
We love to push and pull things, and are climbing higher and higher (yay! great!). We can kick a ball and throw overhand without any problems. We cannot jump yet, but it is sure fun to try.
Our favorite things still include Thomas and "Emm-o." (Elmo). Camden will barely wear anything but Thomas or Lightening (McQueen) and throws a fit if he doesn't likes what he is wearing. This may make for interesting Christmas pictures.
We hope everyone is enjoying the cooler weather and is looking forward to our birthday as much as we are!

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