Sunday, July 3, 2011

Happy July 4th!

Lots of fun happening this weekend!
Where's Miles?

Need a cute mower?

Playin' in the pool.

Hanging out in the woods.
Mommy is all done! she took her test n 7/4 and passed with flying colors. So, now we're all sitting back and relaxing a bit until August.
Strangely enough, our boys have not learned how to say "no" yet. They do shake their head "no" but really I expected the word. In fact, Camden is on a big "yeah" kick. Do you want more? "Yeah." Do you want to go outside? "Yeah." It is really cute.
Miles is picking up more words. Only we can really understand him, but he is trying soooo hard. "Eye, ear, nose, mouth." I swear today I heard "boat." You can watch his little mouth try.
Hopefully we will hear more and more words from them (they are a bit behind in that department). Things they are ahead in, they can walk backwards and throw a ball and are climbing more and more each day. Camden pretends to give his bear his sippy cup and also will bring Miles his cup. Both boys will help pick up toys and really like to wash their hands. That's what we're up to!

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