Thursday, July 21, 2011

a day out to play

The dog days of summer are officially upon us! Too hot to go to the park and the kitchen counters were bring put in today, so we decided to give hopscotch another try. The boys were almost a full year older and boy, they could do so much more! They still weren't crazy about the inflatable bouncy, but were up to trying everything else. Miles even went down the slide all by himself (sorry, no pictures, it is a lot to watch 2 in a crazy place full of kids. I didn't always have my camera). We were so happy to meet the Borders there for a little twin playtime.
They are a blur in this picture literally because they were a blur running so fast!

Trains! Trains and more trains!

They loved this house from step 2. Both boys were able to navigate it without help.
Lunch time! What big boys! Only had to chase after Miles once- I think they were hungry.

The fruit of our labor :) Or really the fruit of our money and then somebody else's labor. Nonetheless, it looks great and we like it a lot.

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