Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Picnic and FUN!

What a great week! Now that everyone is well, we are hoping to keep it that way. The BGMoMs picnic was this past weekend and after a little rain, we had a great time!!
Trying to avoid the enormous puddles!

Mac and Cheese, and fruit- YUM! Having a picnic supper with multiples is challenging. There are many things to do, like keep little ones out of enormous puddles, make sure they eat something more than ketchup and try to have a little adult conversation.

"Wow!! It's like looking in a mirror!"

These are the awesome fish that we made at our first library story time! We can't wait to go again.
Tonight for supper, we were eating and Miles suddenly pushed away his plate, looked at me and said, "BRAAA!" I gave him some of the things that I thought he would like, corn, beans, mac and cheese. He was shaking his head 'no' and just kept pointing and saying, "BRAAAA!" So, frustrated I handed him my salad. He immediately took a piece of raw broccoli and very happily ate it. He ate all of the broccoli off my salad. Miles loves raw broccoli with ranch and raw carrots with hummus. That's my boy!

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