Saturday, June 4, 2011

85 weeks

Ahhh, what a week! After a bout of illness, things seem to be getting better. Camden ran a fever for 5 days, but now is feeling better (a bit tired, but better) and has an awesome rash! Quite impressive I must say. We are waiting and waiting to see if Miles is going to escape. So far, so good. I am hoping that it won't happen tomorrow as we are supposed to go to a twin picnic. Nothing like making other kids sick. So the wait continues.
These too cute t-shirts are from another set of twins. They say "This one" and "That one." It was funny. We put the "that one" shirt on Miles this morning and it just didn't seem to fit him. Anyone else have that come up?
Trust me these two shots took about 20 to get.

After Camden went to take a nap, Miles and I made angel food cake for tomorrow. Camden has been wanting his nap early since he's been ill. Poor little guy. During the worst of it, he fell asleep before lunch! We hope that he isn't in the first percentile by the time his appetite is back. I just got this step stool from one step ahead. It is definitely one of my favorite catalogs. So many neat things!

"Looks good Mommy!"

"I only wish I could taste it."
"I think it will look just right."

Here's hoping for a healthy month!

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