Monday, February 28, 2011

Taste of Spring

The boys love to get up an the fireplace and stand and shout and play! I thought these pictures were funny- it looks like Camden is a stand up comedian... "So, I'm asking Mom the other day... What do you call a sleeping bull??"

"A bulldozer!! Get it? A bull-dozer?"

"Um, yeah. I think I get it."

We have been having some severe weather and warmer temperatures. Just the first signs of spring. The boys are a bit "picky" when it comes to eating. They'll eat just about anything, but only under their circumstances. Some frozen blueberries were on the menu- this previously rejected food was a hit!

"Sleeping bull, Miles- a BULL DOZER...."

"Yeah I get it now!!"

"I am a great comedian"

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