Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day!

It was a hard weekend and has started out as a challenging week! We thought we had the boys' ear infections beat, but I am afraid they came back with a vengence on Sunday. Both boys were fussy Saturday and up several times on Sunday night. Thanks to Nana Kathy, she came over to check them and I am sorry to say the ear infections were still there. So more antibiotics! We are praying that this will be the one to kill the bacteria and we can get back to normal. So because of all this, it has been a laid back Valentine's Day. Miles got a toy phone to pull around. I find it very interesting that he will talk in the handset and turn the phone dial considering he has never seen a phone like this.
Camden and his "bi-eee." That is what he call these beads. He loves them!

So you know it has been a hard week. Greg went and put Miles down for nap and before he got back to Camden, he fell asleep! Greg said that he had been playing and chipper when he went upstairs, so this must have just looked like the most perfect place to nap. Poor little guys are pretty miserable.

It has been a bit warmer, so we went out to the playhouse.
I'msure this place will be a hit this summer!

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