Sunday, May 23, 2010

summer vaction!

We have been very busy since Mom and Dad got out of school. Mom and Dad thought that this would be time to catch up on things, but mostly they are still just working on keeping up with us! Miles has begun to "army crawl." (see video) So childproofing has begun. Both babies are working on sitting up. Miles is a little stronger, but Camden won't be too far behind. Mom says we can't go in the baby pool until we can do this, so we are working really hard! Both boys will look at you now when you call their name. At least, they look at you when they want to. These are our new "bounce babies." We love them!
Sorry this one won't turn around. Camden sleeps like this- just like his Daddy.
Miles can sit up for up to 5 minues without falling over. This is another favorite new toy. We love consignment shops. He doesn't really play with as so much as bites on the mallet.
Camden fell asleep with his toy monkey.
Dinner time!
The outfis were so cute today, we just HAD to take a picture.
At their 7 month check up, these were the stats:
Camden- height- 26 3/4 "
weight- 15# 2 oz
head 44cm
Miles height 27"
weight 17 # 3oz
head 43.8 cm

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